Recognising the need for focusing special efforts on generating large number of skilled manpower to meet the present pace of development of the Information Technology in India, Government of Tamil Nadu has taken a visionary step by setting up the Tamil Nadu institute of information Technology (TANITEC) as a unique center of excellence. The institute aims to produce high manpower , upgrade quality of education in the states it institutions & step up applications for it for improving the quality of life of the people.

TANITEC plans to achieve this mission by conducting part-time and full-time undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes in information Technology, continuing education programmes through networking with the educational institutions in Tamil Nadu, especially in the area of information Technology to upgrade their IT training programmes and skills, carry out Research and Development with special focus on applications of Information Technology, computerise the operations of the state Government progressively leading to a more responsive and effective administration, providing software testing certification and quality assurance certification.

TANITEC has drawn up a three pronged strategy to make Tamil Nadu an 'Intelligent State' where information Technology will be utilised in all aspects of life. The strategy comprises Education, Research and Development and Upgrading of Infrastructure of educational institutions by networking the whole State by VSAT, facilitating greater use of information Technology.

TANITEC, thus, keeping in view the needs of the industry, will contribute largely towards stepping up the pace of IT industry in Tamil Nadu. For quality of manpower available in Tamil Nadu would become much superior to that available elsewhere in the country. Secondly this would also provide a cost and competitive advantage to industries based in Tamil Nadu. While the incidental benefit would be employment generation in the sector, leading to better quality of life in the state.